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After Detox, how do I beat drug and alcohol addiction?

If detoxification is the first step to beating alcohol and drug abuse then what follows?  It’s only after successfully removing the residual chemicals that patients are ready to start their addiction treatment program in earnest. 

The importance of detox

It’s important to detoxify because drugs and alcohol cloud addicted peoples judgement and perceptions and without their feet firmly on the ground, a patient’s ability to concentrate on the drug addiction treatment program is diminished.  You need a clear mind to benefit from the addiction counselling, group therapy and lectures!

Drug addiction treatment programs

Drug addiction treatment programs offered in rehabs focus on examining the behaviours associated with drug and alcohol abuse.  By identifying the behaviours and the thought processes that support them; addictions counsellors aim to change the patient’s behaviour towards a new recovery orientated lifestyle.

This approach of identifying thought processes that lead to behaviours is known as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  The idea is to modify the thought process and thereby change the resultant behaviours.  This is a mainstay of many quality drug addiction treatment programs.

Examining addictive behaviours

Another important aspect of a drug addiction rehabilitation program is to examine the actual addictive behaviours in detail.  This has several benefits.  Firstly it better enables people addicted to alcohol and drug abuse to see the damages associated with their behavior more clearly, and this helps to foster further motivation to work at recovery.

It’s critical to explore and foster motivation as most patients addicted to alcohol and other drugs enter treatment due to some pressure from family, employers etc and beginning to shift the patients motivation to complete their program and continue to engage in behaviours will support their recovery from drug addiction is paramount.

Another benefit of looking at past behaviour is to help addicts unburden themselves of shame.  This is especially effective if the drug addiction treatment program uses group therapy.  In group therapy the patient will hear the stories of others and discover that they are not alone in their illness.

It is through working the drug addiction treatment program that patients first discover a new sense of freedom. 

Addicts who are in recovery will attest to the huge life changes that come about when they leave the world of active drug addiction.  They find that they worry less, feel more comfortable in social situations, and are generally able to handle situations better. 

It doesn’t matter how bad their drug addiction was, they learn to feel comfortable with themselves and slowly begin to realize that they can make meaningful contributions to their family and be are valuable members of society.

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